RAWS Compliance

RAWS Compliance

What are the steps for the RAWS Compliance to be done?


First which car do you want to import from our RAWS Compliance List

- Nissan Elgrand E51 Campervan

- Toyota Estima ACR30/40 Campervan

- Mitsubishi Delica D:5

- Mitsubishi Delica

- Infiniti G37 Coupe/Convertible

- Nissan Skyline V36 Coupe/Sedan

- Nissan Skyline V35 Coupe/Sedan

- Nissan Skyline R34 Coupe/Sedan

- Nissan Skyline R33 Coupe/Sedan

- Nissan Skyline R32 Coupe

- Nissan Cube Z11

- Nissan Cube Z12

- Toyota BB

- Daihatsu COO

- Toyota Supra JZA80

- Toyota Chaser JZX100

- Toyota Prius

- Toyota Ractis (Coming Soon)

- Toyota Voxy (Coming Soon)

- Toyots Alphard (Coming Soon)

- Ford Mustang

- Dodge Ram

Note: If your car is not on this list we can still get it complianced by our extensive network of RAWS Workshops
Do you want us to buy? or have you already bought your car in Japan?

If the vehicle has been bought , we need to apply for the Import Approval ASAP as this can take 14 working days and your vehicle could be held up at Customs without this Approval which will incur charges.

Now to Ship the vehicle to Australia

The Japanese Export Agent will organise the vehicle FOB (freight on board) and this boat trip will take around 10-12 days approximately

When your car Arrives in Australia

This is the exciting part, soon you get to see your dream car in the flesh ! We supply the Vehicle Import Approval to the customs agent along with shipping documents to clear your vehicle and organise it to be delivered to our workshop. This is where you can have a Look for the first time.

Now the vehicle is at our workshop what happens next?

We have to do a Initial Vehicle Inspection Report before any work can be carried out, once this has been done and the vehicle is accepted we then proceed to complete the works needed for the Plate approval to be finalised.

How long does the Compliance take?

We always aim at a 14 Day turn around, but there can be unforeseen circumstances which may delay the vehicle's plate to arrive. Examples are Public Holidays , Postage/Courier Delays, Parts availability & the amount of Vehicle Approvals to be processed by DOTARS at time of application.

The Compliance Plate has Arrived to our Workshop what next?

We will fit the Compliance plate to your vehicle along with a 17 digit VIN plate, and supply you will all relevant documentation to get your vehicle registered such as CIN and QLD RWC.


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