Importing Guide

Importing Guide

Import your own car or buy from our Wholesale Stock?


How will you pay for the Vehicle?

The first main decision to be made is how will you pay for the vehicle. If you want to import your own car, you can not obtain a secured car loan until the vehicle is registered in Australia. You could obtain an unsecured loan but the rates would be higher.

Should i buy Stock In Australia

So, if you need to finance the car then buying a car from our wholesale stock is the better option as the finance companies can do the loan on the vehicle you pick.

Importing time frames

But, if you have the finances ready to go you can source your own car from japan. Yes there is more risk/reward involved by doing it this way as you cannot touch and feel the car till it arrives 6 weeks later there might things missed by the inspection etc. But you can save money doing it this way if you have the time to wait for a car. Normally the process from buying your car today to driving on the road in Australia is about 2 months (that includes compliance/freight times).

So which way is best suited for me?

We can recommend both options, as both ways the vehicle will be inspected and all verification paperwork will be supplied to you on purchase. one way allows you to drive away quicker, the other way allows you to hand pick your car and try a save some money (remember that Yen rates can change overnight and will effect the price of your hand pick car)

What steps now?

We can step you through the process from hand picking your car to Shipping and Customs and finally Australian Compliance.


How much is the Broker Search Fee?

We charge AUD$1000 + GST (if we do the compliance of your vehicle we will give you 50% discount of this fee)

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