Fujicar FAQ


Where do you deliver to?

We deliver vehicles Australia Wide, all vehicles will come through Brisbane port and will be cleared through Customs and delivered directly to our workshop on the Gold Coast QLD. Once compliance is finished your vehicle will be delivered anywhere in Australia by CEVA Transport (extra fees apply and a quote will be given if delivery is required)

Import Limitations

Any vehicle manufactured in Japan (or any other country) before January 1989 is importable into Australia. If Manufactured after January 1989 will require a compliance approval upon arrival into Australia.Only certain vehicles can obtain compliance. See this Link for a list of eligible cars that may be able to be imported into Australia. See this Link for a data base of compliance (RAWS) companies.

Pre Shipping Requirements

No extra inspections are required after purchasing and before exporting to Australia. Fujicar arranges the standard export procedures (deregistration/export certificate) for Australian customers. Occasionally a customer will request the delay of the export of their vehicle until an import approval has been accepted. You will need to get the vehicle's aiconditioning system degassed which Fujicar will arrange. The vehicle will be degassed in Japan by a ligitimate authority with the needed documentation for release in Australia.

Can my imported car be registered in Any State in Australia?

Yes, all our vehicles have been complied to meet Australian Design Rules to a Federal level, so they can be registered in any state or territory in Australia. All paperwork will be provided to you for your relevant state authorities.


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