Disability Cars Gold Coast

Disability Cars Gold Coast

Disability or Wheelchair Vehicles from Japan

1Why Buy a Wheelchair car made in Japan?

Unlike the vehicles modified in Australia, the Japan Wheelchair cars are 100% fully Factory made in japan by all the Big Brands such as Toyota and Nissan. These models have their own dealer frachinses sold separately from mainstream models.

2Is the quality of the wheelchair parts good?

As mentioned, these models are Factory made in Mass production just like a corolla would. These are made and assembled in japan which have high standards of product quality.

3Is the size ok for the Australian market?

Every model will have different sizes in Floor to Roof heights, widths and seating capaity , but all are perfectly good sizes for the Australian market place. Models such as Toyota estima/tarago are great size inside with plenty of headroom. models like nissan cube and toyota ractis has less room but the disabled passenger sits closer to everyone in the car making them feel apart of the conversation

4Can these models be registered in any state of Australia?

Yes, compliance is done for the federal government so every state can enjoy these life changing vehicles.

5Where are we situated?

We are one of the only dealerships on the gold coast selling wheelchair or disability vehicles to the public, we are located at 447 Southport Nerang rd Ashmore QLD 4214 Ph: 0439 530 440

6Are you VOSS & NDIS approved?

Yes we are VOSS and also NDIS approved suppliers to the Australian market

7What are some of the models available?

The most common models are :

  • Toyota Estima Welcab
  • Toyota VOXY / NOAH Welcab
  • Toyota RACTIS
  • Toyota Vellfire
  • Nissan Elgrand
  • Nissan Cube


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