Want to Import your own car from Japan ?

Ever dreamed about bringing that dream car from Japan yourself? But just didn't know where to start ? Well Fujicar Buy Ship Comply service is the safest and most affordable way to bring in that dream GTR or Classic JDM car directly from Japan.

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ISO 9001:2008 Fujicar has ISO:9001:2008 Quality Systems Approval Cars made after 01/1989 Cars made after 01/1989 Will require RAWS low volume compliance to be able to be driven on Australian roads.

RAWS Compliance

Any car manufactured after 1989 will require Compliance to be done after arrival into Australia. Fujicar RAWS Workshop has a Fast turnaround time and Fully secure Storage for you dream car.

We deal with Private, Wholesale and Motor Dealers so please contact us for Compliance Pricing structure. Once your compliance plate is fitted we can arrange delivery anywhere within Australia for you

(additional charges apply if you require delivery)

RAWS Compliance Plates Available Go to our Main Menu for more information on Our RAWS Compliance List.

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